The Case Of The Missing Heroin

When heroin disappears from a shipment, someone has to pay. The man who makes them pay is named Carlos Vanada. Vanada is six foot four 245 pounds and wears a signature leather topcoat. Jet-black hair falls to his shoulders. A visit from him usually resulted in  some form of dismemberment; a second visit was rarely needed.

Carlos arrived today with Deacon and Blake, a handpicked team of 460 pounds of combined muscle. Both men were wearing crusted t-shirts and jeans. When Vanada arrived at the loading dock, the two prime suspects, Dennis and James, were both there. Dennis was the first to spot Vanada and shuddered.

Carlos strolled up to the two men and cast an evil smile.

"You two are exactly the people I am looking for."

"What do you want?" Dennis asked. At only five foot four, and 165 pounds, He was hardly a match for the men standing before him.

"We have almost 3 grams of heroin missing from today's shipment. I understand you packed it. Did you think 500 street packs of heroin would not be missed?"

Dennis shot back "it was all there, every bit of it. I checked it myself."

"This is very bad for you," Carlos said.

Both men looked terrified as Carlos ordered them to sit down. James sat first on a wooden footstool; never taking his eyes off Carlos. Dennis grabbed a seat near the wall. Carlos turned to Dennis. "I'm about to check your locker and personal belongings. I've been informed there is a possibility that one of you has been framed. I may or may not find this to be true. If I find the merchandise in your possession, you will have a brief moment in time to convince me you did not take it. The conversation will not be pleasant." He nodded at Deacon, who proceeded to walk over to Dennis's locker. Dennis broke out in a sweat, his eyes glancing back and forth between Carlos and Deacon. A bead of perspiration appeared on his forehead. Carlos watched closely as Deacon pried open the locker door and rifled through the contents.

"He's clean," Deacon said.

Carlos turned his attention to James. "If Dennis does not have the merchandise, then I must assume it belongs to you."

"No," James said. I would never betray our organization. You can look anywhere, my locker, my car, here, take my bag."

Carlos took a close look at James. Like Dennis, he was small in stature but appeared to be more confident. "That won't be necessary, he said. Then he pulled out a .357 Magnum and drilled a hollow point round through James’s forehead. Dennis gasped in horror. Carlos signaled Deacon then together with Blake, the three men walked out of the room.

Blake turned to Carlos. "Why did you shoot James?"


Why did Carlos shoot James? To get the answer click here.


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