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  • Patterson's View
    by Cliff Cardin

    What if you could see the future, but no one believed you? What if you tried to protect someone from a killer, only to have the killer come after you? 

     For Psychic Brent Patterson, this nightmarish premise has become a spine-tingling reality; one he hopes to survive. Patterson is a young psychic who desperately tries to prevent the death of Jenny Beckem, a top producing real estate agent. 

     From the first vision to the final dramatic resolution, the novel follows the actions of two detectives who attempt to use glimpses of the future to stop a killer. Unfortunately, their advantage is quickly neutralized when a reporter breaks the story, placing young Patterson at risk, transforming him from the hunter into the hunted. Will this change of events seal Jenny’s fate? Can Patterson regain his advantage? For now, Patterson can only watch, as events move swiftly toward a heart-stopping final confrontation that even a psychic could not foresee.