I've never been good at talking about myself, but I'll try. I grew up watching movies. When I was very young, they use to show a double feature every Saturday at the local theater. At the end of the movie they gave away a bicycle. I always looked forward to Saturday with great anticipation. I never won the grand prize, but I grew to love film.

When I was in college, I produced concerts, dances, and plays. Eventually, the success I experienced led me to a job doing publicity work for a movie studio. Over the course of that brief career, I worked with some of the most talented musicians, actors, and writers in the world.

I also had the privilege of working with exceptional people who weren't able to catch a break. Proving that the line between success and failure is very thin. In Hollywood, everyone walks around with a headshot or a script in their briefcase, believing that someday someone will ask them for it. These people are optimists who thrive on hope, and their attitude nurtures the spirit.

After leaving Hollywood in my mid-20s, I went to work for corporate America. It was the best of times, and the worst of times. The money was good, but the allure of the arts continued to call. It seemed my life was a battle between the need for money and fulfilling my passion. Eventually, the need for money won. I finished my career in the finance industry.

Trading the stock market is the polar opposite of entertainment. Good money managers spend their time making sure they don't lose. Although most are optimistic, a good dose of pessimism is necessary if you want to survive.

Through it all, I've been fortunate to have an enchanting wife, and two wonderful children who are currently busy growing into productive adults. I still see at least one movie a week, and I am content. I was about to settle into retirement when something wonderful happened. Electronic publishing changed the world.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the people who used to walk around Hollywood with a movie script. So, I went to the garage, dusted off my briefcase, plugged in the computer and decided to try my hand at writing.

Someday, if I'm lucky, maybe someone will take one of my books and turn it into a movie. If they do, on the night of the premier, I promise to give away a bicycle.